Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has a unicameral parliament composed of directly elected MPs and indirectly elected paramount chiefs.

Sierra Leone 1 (1996)
Parliament had a total of 80 MP with 64 elected off of closed party lists according to the largest remainder system of proportional representation with a Hare quota in a single national constituency. See the page on Namibia for an example of the use of the electoral system. The legal threshold to receive a seat was effectively 4.5% (i.e. the share of the vote had to round up to 5%). Additionally, 12 seats were held by indirectly elected chiefs.

Sources: Andrew Reynolds, “Sierra Leone” in Dieter Nohlen, Michael Krennerich and Bernhard Thibaut, eds., Elections in Africa (New York: Oxford University Press 1999), 794; African Elections Database.

Sierra Leone 2 (2002-)
Since 2002, Sierra Leone has elected Parliament by the single-member plurality electoral system. The following link opens a .pdf of maps of constituencies in place for 2007 and 2012 and table shows the apportionment of seats to regions and districts since 2002:

Constituency Maps for 2007-12

REGION DISTRICT 2002 2007-12
Eastern Kailahun 8 8
  Kenema 8 11
  Kono 8 8
Northern Bombali 8 9
  Kambia 8 6
  Koinadugu 8 6
  Port Loko 8 10
  Tonkolili 8 8
Southern Bo 8 11
  Bonthe 8 3
  Moyamba 8 6
  Pujehun 8 5
Western Western Area Rural 8 4
  Western Area Urban 8 17
Chiefs Indirectly Elected 12 12

Sources: National Electoral Commission (NEC); African Elections Database.

Districts of Sierra Leone