São Tome and Príncipe

São Tome and Príncipe allocates seats in the Assembleia Nacional (National Assembly) within 7 constituencies off of closed party lists by the d’Hondt method of proportional representation. The d’Hondt quota for each party equals the number of votes received divided by the number of seats held plus 1 with the quota recalculated each time it gains a seat. Seats are awarded in descending order of quotas until all seats in the constituency have been distributed. Candidates of the appropriate party win seats in the order that they appear on the list. (See Mozambique for an example of the d’Hondt allocation process.)

The allocation has remained the same since the beginning of multiparty elections in 1991:

ST Apportionment

The 7 constituencies correspond to São Tome and Príncipe’s districts. Pagué is coterminous with Príncipe.

ST Districts