The boundaries of Paraguay’s 18 constituencies for the Chamber of Deputies (Cámara de Diputados) correspond to those of its 17 departments and capital district.

Here is the apportionment of seats to departments in 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2018:

Seats are allocated within constituencies off of closed party lists by the d’Hondt method of proportional representation. The d’Hondt quota for each party equals the number of votes received divided by the number of seats held plus 1 with the quota recalculated each time it gains a seat. Seats are awarded in descending order of quotas until all seats have been distributed.

The 2013 allocation of the 8 seats in the Capital (Asunción) helps illustrate the process. The table below shows the votes received and the first five d’Hondt quotas for each party. The first d’Hondt quota equals the number of votes and appears in the column labeled “1.” The eight highest d’Hondt quotas, which gained their parties seats, are shaded in blue.

Reviewing the allocation in more detail, the first seat went to the Asociación Nacional Republicana (ANR) for the highest quota. Its quota was then recalculated by dividing the number of votes by 2 (the number of seats it already held plus 1). The ANR still had the highest quota, so it also won the second seat. The Partido Liberal Radical Auténtico (PLRA) won the third seat, as it had the third highest quota. The ANR’s third and fourth quotas were the next highest, so the ANR gained the fourth and fifth seats. The sixth seat went to Unión Nacional de Ciudadanos Éticos (UNACE) for a quota just above that of Partido Patria Querida (PPQ), whcih won the seventh seat. Avanza País received the eighth and final seat.

PY 2013 Capital Allocation