Jamaica has elected its House of Representatives by the single-member plurality electoral system since 1944. Though Jamaica has used the same basic electoral system, the expansion in the size of Parliament and change in status from British crown colony to independent country results in the definition of multiple electoral systems:

Jamaica 1 (1944-55): 32 seats (British crown colony).

Jamaica 2 (1959-62): 45 seats (British crown colony).

Jamaica 3 (1967-): 53 seats in 1967-72, 60 seats in 1976-2007, 63 seats in 2012 (independent Jamaica).

The following table shows the apportionment of single-member constituencies to counties and parishes:

Report to Parliament on Realignment of Boundaries and Increase in the Number of Constituencies, 2010

The following two maps show Jamaica’s counties and parishes.

Counties of Jamaica

JM Counties
Jamaica Parishes

JM Parishes

Here are links to detailed maps for each constituency in 2012 and 2016.

Kingston Western
Kingston Central
Kingston Eastern & Port Royal
St. Andrew West Rural
St. Andrew Western
St. Andrew West Central
St. Andrew East Central
St. Andrew South-Western
St. Andrew Southern
St. Andrew South-Eastern
St. Andrew Eastern
St. Andrew North-Eastern
St. Andrew North Central
St. Andrew North-Western
St. Andrew East Rural
St. Thomas Western
St. Thomas Eastern
Portland Eastern
Portland Western
St. Mary South-Eastern
St. Mary Central
St. Mary Western
St. Ann South-Eastern
St. Ann North-Eastern
St. Ann North-Western
St. Ann South-Western
Trelawny Northern
Trelawny Southern
St. James East Central
St. James North-Western
St. James Central
St. James West Central
St. James Southern
Hanover Eastern
Hanover Western
Westmoreland Western
Westmoreland Central
Westmoreland Eastern
St. Elizabeth North-Western
St. Elizabeth North-Eastern
St. Elizabeth South-Western
St. Elizabeth South-Eastern
Manchester Southern
Manchester Central
Manchester North-Western
Manchester North-Eastern
Clarendon North-Western
Clarendon Northern
Clarendon North Central
Clarendon Central
Clarendon South-Western
Clarendon South-Eastern
St. Catherine North-Western
St. Catherine South-Western
St. Catherine Southern
St. Catherine Central
St. Catherine South-Eastern
St. Catherine North Central
St. Catherine West Central
St. Catherine North Eastern
St. Catherine Eastern
St. Catherine South Central
St. Catherine East Central

Sources: Electoral Commission of Jamaica, Trevor Munroe and Arnold Bertram, Adult Suffrage and Political Administrations in Jamaica, 1944-2002 (Miami: Ian Randle 2006).